Did you know?

100 years ago
March 6, 1907

The Tartan, as usual, was scattered with random and undecipherable jokes. This week, however, we finally found one that made sense. In one article, a physics professor asks a class which travels faster, heat or cold. To this, a first-year answers, “Heat, because you can always catch a cold.” And you thought that Did You Know was cheesy.

50 years ago
March 5, 1957

Scotch ‘n’ Soda advertises a design competition for those interested in creating the program for the 1957 show. The featured show’s name: “Where Do We Go From Here?” In later news, the Three Stooges have been asking the same question.

25 years ago
March 2, 1982

For the first time in 213 years, Chatham College is opening up its dorms to men. However, the all-female college voted more than two to one that they would prefer to live with Carnegie Mellon’s bachelors. Since Carnegie Mellon has a shortage of dorms, and Chatham has a shortage of people, this would help both sides in dating — I mean "housing" — affairs.

10 years ago
March 10, 1997

The Tartan highlights Carnegie Mellon students’ connections to the 1970s. In an article titled, “Students Still Dig Hippie Lifestyle,” ’70s sounds, fashion styles, and activities such as sit-ins are noted as being spotted on campus. Were these styles resurrected, or did they just never leave? Either way, they relentlessly and enticingly persist. The article urges students to remember the ’70s the next time they “curl up in their day-glo polyester leisure suits in front of Shaft with a bottle of Yoo-Hoo.”

5 years ago
March 4, 2002

Parkhurst Dining Services, the people that brought you the Tartan cookie, have turned to drastic measures in order to cut expenses. Instead of the usual eight cans of tomato sauce that went into meat sauce, now chefs are using 12 cans, transforming the meat sauce into a virtually vegetarian dish. Also, chefs will no longer be given formal training in specialty cooking, such as Chinese and Mexican dishes. Students may now expect dishes such as Kung Pao burritos.

1 year ago
March 17, 2006

Outside the Carnegie Mellon police headquarters on 300 South Craig Street, a tan-colored Nissan Sentra was seen pushing a black Volkswagen Jetta onto the sidewalk. The police responded, informed the victim-car’s owner, and contacted the Pittsburgh police for assistance. Sounds like a Discovery Channel feature on Sentra–Jetta intimacies.