Track and field teams travel to West Virginia

Last Saturday, the Carnegie Mellon track and field teams traveled to West Virginia to compete at the State Farm Shell games. The men’s team had three individual first-place finishes while the women’s team performed solidly as well. Some of the competition included Division I schools such as West Virginia University and Division II schools such as Indiana University of Pennsylvania and West Virginia Wesleyan College.

On the men’s side, sophomore Brian Harvey broke a school record by finishing first in the one mile with a time of 4:18.05. Senior Geoff Misek (4:32.47) and sophomore Mike Haley (4:38.23) finished fifth and seventh, respectively.
“Breaking the record is definitely a nice indicator of my current fitness level and helps build my confidence for the rest of the season,” Harvey said.

Sophomore sprinter Carlton Reeves also had a terrific day, finishing first in the 400-meter dash with a time of 53.07. Senior Russel Verbosky finished sixth with a time of 23.55 in the 200-meter dash.

In the 500-meter run, first-year Chris Bogie led the team with a fourth-place finish with a time of 1:09.74. Junior Kiley Williams (1:09.91) and senior Jeff Polack (1:14.55) finished right behind Bogie in fifth and seventh place, respectively.
Senior Davey Quinn finished second in the 800-meter dash with a time of 1:58.63. First-year Dan Burrows (2:03.73) and senior Kevin Pruzinsky (2:05.69) finished sixth and eighth, respectively.

In the 1000-meter run, junior Drew Miller (2:37.99) and sophomore Raphael Bertrand (2:44.51) led the team with second- and fourth-place finishes. Sophomores Breck Fresen (9:05.12) and Andrew Frederickson (9:13.16) came in seventh and tenth in the 3000-meter run, respectively.

Senior Nicholas Bannister finished the 60-meter hurdles with a time of 8.53. Sophomore Craig Hahn followed to finish fifth with a time of 9.21.

In the high jump, sophomore Colin Marks finished fifth with a 1.78-meter jump and senior Eric Tang placed eighth with a jump of 1.65 meters. Tang also finished third in the long jump (6.74 meters) and third in the triple jump (13.14 meters). Sophomore Joel Palko (12.68 meters) and first-year Eric Couphos (12.54 meters) grabbed fourth- and sixth-place finishes, respectively.

“I’m fairly satisfied with my performance in the long and triple jump although I could have done a little better,” Tang said. “I kneed myself in the face and got a pretty bad nose bleed during high jump. That was very unfortunate.”

First-year Chris Bridgeman vaulted 3.80 meters to finish sixth. First-year James Hulley threw for 13.19 meters in the shotput for sixth place while junior Mike Reggie threw for 14.84 meters in the weight throw for sixth place as well. The men’s 4x400-meter relay ‘A’ team finished third behind the West Virginia relay teams with a time of 3:32.56.

For the women’s team, sophomore Ashley Bakelmun had a strong race finishing fifth in the 800-meter run with a time of 2:30.55. Senior Jerri Castillo (2:34.25) and first-year Danielle Sedlack followed with eight- and ninth-place finishes, respectively.

In the 1000-meter run, first-year Anna Lenhart finished fourth with a time of 3:24.52.

Four Carnegie Mellon 400-meter runners finished in the top ten; first-year Diane Mattingly finished third with a time of 1:03.47, and junior Shauna Ormon (1:30.54), senior Jackie Andreozzi (1:04.77), and junior Kelly Mingle (1:06.78) finished fourth, sixth, and ninth, respectively.

Like the men’s team, the women’s 4x400 meter relay ‘A’ team finished in third place behind the West Virginia teams. “I’m excited for our 4x400 in the upcoming UAA meet because I feel we have four really strong 400 runners,” Andreozzi said.

Sophomore Jessica Meng placed seventh in the long jump, triple jump, and high jump. She jumped 4.63 meters in the long jump, 10.21 meters in the triple jump, and 1.53 meters in the high jump.

“We’re starting to come together,” head coach Dario Donatelli said. “The next two meets, the competition will get much better. It’ll get us ready for UAA, which is what we’re trying to accomplish.”

The track and field teams will take to the road once again on Saturday to compete at Bucknell University.