Presidential Perspectives

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Hello Tartans. This week, there was not much official business because everyone is busy wrapping up the academic semester.

Nevertheless, Adi and I came into this school year with great ambition. We saw a lot of potential for improvement, and I feel like we have really started to run with our platform of practical change. This, of course, is in large part due to the support and work we’ve witnessed from the entire campus community. It is very apparent to us that everyone wants to create better systems on campus. Whatever the cause — elections or institutional memory, alumni relations, or school fundraising — tremendous progress has been made.

One area in particular that I would like to call attention to is the staggering success of our student legislatures. Thanks in no small part to Chair Jared Itkowitz and his seasoned Executive Board, Student Senate curerntly has its first full roster in three years. Despite the tremendous delay in election ratification, Senate has done a wonderful job reaching out to campus and making itself known, hearing the different perspectives brought forth by different administrators and students on issues that are relevant to all our everyday lives, and creating an overall atmosphere of hope and potential that our peer institutions can be envious of.

The Graduate Student Assembly, led brilliantly for the past year by President Beth Ayers and her board, has also done a great job in petitioning local, state, and national governments for improvements in services offered to students. This has created a great social environment in an incredibly academically rigorous institution, and has helped me transition smoothly into the role of president by listening to and supporting the necessary change Adi and I have begun to and will continue to invoke.

I hope that all the terrific work we have seen this semester is not soon forgotten. I hope that we as a student body are able to push forward throughout the upcoming semester to lay the roots for a Carnegie Mellon that not only becomes a top-10 ranked university, but has an environment that is conducive to life, exploration not only through academics but also via social avenues, and individual achievement in every manner.

Thank you to all for a fantastic start to the year. Hopefully, your finals go well, and you are able to achieve at levels on par with your goals. Next semester, we go even bigger.

As always,