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Hey Tartans. This week we sat down with the Student Dormitory Council (SDC) to bring back the recreational equipment we had on campus at the end of last year in a responsible manner. We also had conversations with the Computer Club as to how we can really populate the Tartanswiki which holds so much promise as a social tool for our current and prospective students.

Though controversial, the previous administration’s Public Rec Program was a success in the amount of fun it generated. Sunny days when everyone was playing soccer, football, throwing around Frisbees, and even riding around on the bikes made Carnegie Mellon a much more livable place. The only problem was that after a little while, all the equipment was either gone or broken. This is undoubtedly because of the program’s lack of checks.

We believe in the virtues of fun on campus that the Public Rec Program engenders. Because of that, we’re working with SDC to re-implement the Public Rec Program in a more scaled-down and realistic manner. As soon as we buy the equipment (which should be early next semester), it will be available for check out in the various living areas across campus. All you’ll need to do to grab a ball or Frisbee is leave your student ID with the desk you’re borrowing the equipment from. This new system will not only allow the fun to happen, but it will also prevent any improper destruction or acquisition of the equipment from occurring.

Another holdover from last year is the Tartanswiki. At its inception, expectations were high that it would solve our campus institutional memory issues. However, unfortunate circumstances and the lack of controls on the system caused it to crash and get spammed. We believe in the Tartanswiki. We don’t necessarily think that it should be the end-all for institutional memory at Carnegie Mellon (see last week’s article about the progress with OrgTracker), but we do feel that it can be a great social destination. We are working closely with the Computer Club, which created and operates the wiki, to figure out how we can populate it and make it something special. On that note, there will be a small forum next Saturday from 1:30 to 2:00 in DH 1112 that you should come to if you have any opinions about the wiki. Stop by and talk it up. It’s only a half hour of your time, and it can lead to something awesome!

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