Students ignore mayoral election

Last week Mayor Luke Ravenstahl was elected and Carnegie Mellon seems not to have noticed. Students, generally, ignored that an election was taking place.

While it’s likely that many students couldn’t have voted in the election because they aren’t registered in Pennsylvania, students who were eligible to vote were largely apathetic. Among the informed, a bigger issue was surely more troubling — neither of the candidates focused on any issues that directly impacted students.

The Tartan did not endorse either candidate because we felt that neither of them had plans that spoke to the biggest issues faced by students. While we did provide information on both candidates leading up to the election to encourage students to make their own decisions, we felt that the issues the candidates thought were the most important to students really weren’t.

Now, like it or not, Ravenstahl will be our mayor for the next two years and it is unlikely that much in Pittsburgh will change. And we do think this is a problem, although not necessarily one that Mark DeSantis would have dealt with much better. Pittsburgh is facing a lot of tough issues and a strong leader with a real plan would have been much appreciated.

With the choices as they were, we can hardly expect the students to care much about this election. Many students see Pittsburgh as a temporary home for a few years until they move on to bigger and better places. We only wish that a mayoral candidate, or better yet our mayor, cared enough about the students of Pittsburgh to convince them to participate in the process of making Pittsburgh a place they could consider home.