Presidential Perspectives

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Hey Tartans. After some amazing warm weather, here comes that time of year when we get to trudge to class on Monday morning in the brisk cold weather of fall. While we can’t change the climate (we could buy a “big rig” and cruise around in it all day every day to cause more global warming, but that’s not cool), Adi and I have been working very hard to make things brighter on campus.

This week we tackled several things. I’ll start with the state of election reform. Last week I wrote about our reaching out to GSA and Senate to get some of your student leadership on board for the long haul ahead to make a sustainable election system. This week, we were filtering interest and have been able to come up with a fairly representative committee to go over all the election rules: which ones make things better and which ones need to be thrown out or re-written. We are looking to make more progress on that in the coming weeks.

Secondly, we started meeting with the Multicultural Presidents Council (MPC) in order to put the wheels in motion on our Cultural FX initiative. We think that the MPC is a great, action-oriented organization that shares a lot of the views we hold about the cultural atmosphere on campus. We really aim to bring those organizations closer together among themselves, with student government as a whole, and with other student groups across campus that they have not traditionally associated with. Adi and I believe our ambitions to be in line with the MPC’s, and we hope that the collaboration will produce positive results.

Our interaction with the MPC ties into our Institutional Memory issue, which we have also begun working on. Whether or not the Tartan Wiki will be around in its original form is still debatable. However, we do know that there will be a tool that makes it easier for all student organizations to keep track of what happens from year to year. That way, if there are some patches where knowledge is not conveyed from leader to leader, the new party can always check back with past happenings, no matter how much time has gone by. We believe that teaming up with the OrgTracker team and consolidating everything into one product is the best way of accomplishing our goals.

Adi and I are both very excited about the progress that’s being made across the board. Once again, if you have any ideas or general comments, feel free to contact us at Until next time, bundle up and keep healthy.