The men’s soccer team dominated the start of the season, going 5–0 before losing their first game to Penn State–Altoona 1–2 this past Tuesday. Leading the team with four goals and three assists, senior midfielder Will Schlough has been integral to the Tartans’ success. The Tartan spoke with Schlough about his success on and off of the soccer field.

Tartan: When did you start playing soccer and why?
Schlough: I have always played. I was probably six or seven when I started playing organized team soccer. My older brother played, so it was just a game I grew up playing.

T: So your family has been very supportive during your soccer career?
S: They never made it hard. It was always my choice, but they definitely enjoyed it. They were always the ones taking me to games and encouraging me.

T: Did you always plan on playing soccer in college?
S: All through high school I had not really been sure. There was a time when I was definitely questioning it, but then when it came down to it, it is just something that I really love and knew I wanted to stick with.

T: What is the hardest part of being a student athlete at Carnegie Mellon?
S: Definitely time management. Everyone here is so busy already, and soccer is one more thing to balance in with all the work. It is good, though. Practice and hanging out with the team is a break from my work, and it helps me relax a little.

T: Where is your favorite place to compete?
S: At home is definitely my favorite place to play. We have a good winning record at home, we play pretty well at home, the new field is great, and it is always nice to have the fans there supporting you.

T: So when you actually have free time to relax, what is it you like to do?
S: Well, soccer and art are the two things I enjoy most, but that’s really what occupies most of my time now. I like the outdoors, but I really never have time to get out and go camping or anything. I guess when I have free time I like to just lay on the couch, catch up on some sleep, or watch some TV.

T: What do you think is the team’s greatest accomplishment this season?
S: We have finally gotten some recognition this year, which is great. We were ranked 21st by the NSCAA, which is a big accomplishment. It is nice to know we are nationally acknowledged.

T: The team had its first loss Tuesday. How are you and the team handling that? What plans do you have for the rest of the season?
S: The loss was a shock. Plain and simple we were just out-played. We kind of all had a feeling like our game was slipping a little, and that’s definitely something we are working on. We have high aspirations for the rest of the season so we are definitely going to be working harder, but we have a strong team and good freshmen so it should work out well.