Did you know?

50 years ago today
September 25, 1956

Cigarette manufacturer Phillip Morris published an ad in The Tartan. This advertisement includes a couple in a speeding MG sports car, complete with instructions on how to choose the “limp, plump, firm, white cigarettes brimming full with tobacco goodness.” Precisely what all swell, young, clean-cut CIT students needed to commence their healthy, happy year.

25 years ago today
September 23, 1981

Service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega began accepting applications for the “Ugliest Man on Campus” contest to be held during Homecoming Weekend. It’s surprising that the contest wasn’t held closer to Halloween. Considering the stiff competition, this event was expected to be a brutally ugly one.

10 years ago today
September 23, 1996

Carnegie Mellon’s radio station, WRCT, was relocated to the basement of the University Center. Though the crew had settled into a new location, they quickly resumed playing the experimental shows students love most: Satan Oscillate my Metallic Sonatas, Techno Terrorists, Geek Radio, Skank Some More!, Fear and Whiskey, and best of all, Elmer Elf and Cookie Friend.

5 years ago today
September 24, 2001

Fans joyfully cheered on the Carnegie Mellon football team Saturday afternoon as the Tartans took on Franklin & Marshall College from Lancaster, Pa. Making up the majority of the crowd in attendance? Not the Amish, but the good old Kiltie Band, our very own spunky kilt-clad clan.

1 year ago today
September 26, 2005

With the Business Opportunities Conference afoot, The Tartan gave some pointers to students regarding proper etiquette and fashion. Among the recommended decorum, Tartan staffers strongly suggested not wearing programming or Star Wars T-shirts, not wearing socks with Birkenstocks, and of course, showering prior to the event. Of course, most business students are already well aware of these guidelines. Hopefully.