Campus news in brief

readme withdraws issues due to controversial article

Last week, Activities Board’s weekly satire publication, readme, withdrew all its issues due to the content in its article “Carnegie Mellon Builds New Hauschwitz Dormitory.”

The article, which satirized Housing and Dining Services, made specific references to statistics and events of the Holocaust.

“Good satire is difficult to write,” said Liz Vaughan, the advisor for Activities Board. Students notified her of the article a few hours after readme’s distribution on Wednesday. “People’s perspective as to what’s okay to write about vary.”

According to readme’s editor, junior Chris Kier, readme’s intent “was never meant to mock or insult the Jewish community.”

Kier also stated that in the future, articles that can be construed as “overly offensive” will be “brought before all the readme staff and members of the community for review before being printed.”

Task Force to select official mascot

Last Wednesday, the President’s Student Advisory Council (PSAC) proposed creating a Mascot Identity Task Force to select an official mascot and mascot graphic for Carnegie Mellon.

As of now, there is no official mascot for the University, although traditionally, Carnegie Mellon has used designs of a bagpiper, thistle, or Scottie dog as logos.

Andrew Douglas, a senior who sits on both PSAC and the Athletics Council, said the latter group seeks a mascot as a rallying point for University athletics. “We feel like a mascot achieves some of our biggest goals: a closer-knit athletics community and a higher profile for athletics on campus,” he said.

Douglas said the Carnegie Clan first requested the initiative last year.

According to Dean of Student Affairs Jennifer Church, past unofficial mascots at athletic events have included the Scottie Dog and the kilt-clad Piping Highlander.

“If we’re going to move in the direction [of designating a mascot], it should be a broad campus discussion,” Church said.