Crime and Incident

Suspicious Person
15 September 2006
at 12:41

Police were notified of a suspicious person sitting on a chair on the second floor of the University Center. The call was made by two women who believed the man was homeless. The actor was described as wearing a sailor hat and
orange pants.

18 September 2006
at 19:44

Police were alerted to a burglary in Cathedral Mansions. They concluded that the actor was guilty of unlawful entry, but no force had been used. None of the victim’s belongings were reported stolen.

19 September 2006
at 19:35

A wallet was reported stolen from a locker in Wean Hall. Police reported that it has not been returned.

Disorderly Conduct
19 September 2006
at 23:41

Two white males wearing jeans, one with a gray hoodie and the other with a flannel shirt, were spotted urinating on a tent adjacent to the Fence. The caller reported that the actors were headed toward Baker Hall. Police checked the area but were unable to locate the actors.

Suspicious Person
20 September 2006
at 13:10

Police responded to a call regarding a suspicious person spotted in Doherty Hall. The actor was described as wearing a blue bucket hat, a green jacket, a blue- and green- striped shirt, shorts, and olive socks. He was reportedly asking questions about cell biology. Police checked the building and the Cut but could not locate the actor.

Fire Alarm
20 September 2006
at 18:17

Police were notified that the fire alarm in West Wing had been set off. Police dispatched the Pittsburgh Fire Bureau, which reported no smoke or fire. The alarm was reset.

Fire Alarm
22 September 2006
at 02:10

The fire alarm was set off at Cathedral Mansions. All residents were evacuated. The Pittsburgh Fire Bureau was already on the scene when police arrived. Neither found any evidence of smoke or fire.