Letter to the Editor

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In its last issue, readme printed an article describing a campus dormitory similar to a concentration camp. As a satirical publication, readme often walks a fine line between what is humorous and what is overly offensive. Upon hearing the complaints of members of the campus community, we realize that this article crossed that line and apologize to all who took offense. The article was meant as a satire on the Housing system and the overly enthusiastic nature of publicity media. It was never intended to mock or insult any member of the campus community.

In response to these complaints, we decided to stop circulation of the issue in question. Furthermore, to ensure something like this does not happen again, we have decided to begin a new peer review system. Articles that are deemed possibly offensive will be submitted before the entire readme staff and members of the community before being published. We recognize our responsibility to our readers is to provide enjoyable content, and we always strive to do so. It is our hope that this system will improve quality and increase sensitivity to campus needs.

In the meantime, readme will continue to provide the campus community with satire and information about events happening on and around campus. We encourage anyone concerned about our content to contact us directly at

Chris Kier
Creative writing ’08
Editor, readme
September 23, 2006