Presidential Perspectives

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Let us share with you some of our thoughts about priorities and about how we are going about getting things done.

Our ticket promised accessibility and communication. We promised not to treat our jobs, or the student body, frivolously.

Along with Kirk, we maintain and constantly update a list of master objectives, representing our goals and ongoing agenda for the year. This helps us to stay organized, on the same page, and to keep focused. This list is in constant evolution for two reasons: We are acting on it and we receive feedback on these ideas the more we think about them and the more we discuss them, and adjust accordingly.

But our agenda contains more than what we’ve already set out to do. This third realm consists of all the unexpected projects, ideas, and suggestions we receive from you, the students. How does something end up in this third realm? It’s simple. We promise — that’s right, promise — to respond to your e-mails and meet with you in a timely manner. You may ask us anything. Don’t know how to get something done? Can’t get any information? Let us know. Our e-mail addresses are listed at the bottom of this column every week. We will either answer your question or set up a meeting. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

But it’s more than just communicating with campus. We want to communicate effectively, and to do that we must do more than be heard. We must listen to you. We change our speeches, our proposals, and our language as we receive criticism, and incorporate these perspectives as we move forward. And, as we highlighted earlier, we will make your concerns our priority. There are no excuses anymore. If we’re not doing a good job, tell us, and tell us directly. If we need to know about something, let us know. We may be called many things over the coming year, but lazy will not be one of them. Reform is difficult, but we will not relent. We can be flexible, we can be available and we can listen, but we will not drop the subject.

We’d like to end by telling you about our office. It’s UC 318G. A couple of weeks ago, our office was filled with trash. We have been cleaning it because we plan to use it. There was junk in our office left over from three different student body presidents. That’s not how we will run ourselves and it’s certainly not the standard we’re holding ourselves to. We must do better, and we will, together.