did you know?

September 25, 1956

Carnegie Tech recently revealed its homecoming queen candidates. Out of the vast selection of gorgeous women to choose from, seven were picked to campaign for the prestigious title. The winner was chosen by lucky Tech men, who based their decision on the candidates’ photographs — and their visits to the fraternities.

September 9, 1981

With the opening of the fall season, students grabbed a celebratory hot dog after the Tartan Baseball Club’s unlikely two-game sweep against Penn State. After years of being dubbed a non-athletic school, Carnegie Mellon reigned supreme over one of the nation’s most competitive teams:the New Kensington campus of PSU.

September 9, 1996

There was something for everyone at the annual Activities Fair. Among the new additions to campus organizations was Haven, a gothic club that gave out free coffee. Also new to the roster was the Senior Classical League, and a Latin club complete with toga wearers raising attention in their pursuit of new recruits. Old favorites included the Scuba Diving Club, the CMU Bowling Team, and the Juggling Club, who were admittedly spending more time clowning around than studying. It’s good to know we can all find our niche somewhere.

September 10, 2001

A study revealed that prolonged Internet usage may lead to increased stress levels. As if the workload itself wasn’t enough, now technology just adds to the already chaotic lives of students. In the spirit of scientific inquiry, students placed a stress-o-meter at the entrance of Wean Hall. The dial broke down, but not before it proved the study’s accuracy. Did we really need a study to prove that CS students are at their wits’ ends?

September 12, 2005

The printing quota was initiated. While many majors that don’t use much paper couldn’t care less, those that do, such as English and history majors, were really irked. The $40 quota provides for 1600 (duplex) pages, which is equivalent to about three medium-sized books. The next time a student feels like printing out War and Peace, he’ll have to realize that the paper trail is going to cost him.