Crime & Incident

29 August 2006
at 15:00

Two thefts occurred in the women’s locker room in the University Center between 3 and 4:30 p.m. Both victims left their belongings in unlocked lockers. Stolen property included cash, credit cards, and other personal items.

Disorderly Conduct
02 September 2006
at 01:04

A male was found urinating against fraternity garages. University Police issued him a citation for underage drinking.

02 September 2006
at 07:03

An unidentified male was reported to be lighting papers on fire outside West Wing. The actor was identified as a white male in his 20s wearing a white shirt and smoking a cigarette. Student Life was paged but the situation was rectified by the housefellow for West Wing/Resnik.

03 September 2006
at 03:03

Two black men were spotted fleeing toward Bayard Street from a residential robbery off campus. Police found the victim unharmed. The area around Bigelow Boulevard, including Baird Avenue and Desoto Street, was searched with negative results.

Suspicious Person
04 September 2006
at 00:35

Four juvenile black males were spotted in the fraternity quadrangle. They fled the area upon realizing that they had been seen by University Police. Police found the actors at Techview Terrace, upon which they dispersed the group and advised them not to return.

05 September 2006
at 13:18

An artificial heart was stolen from an office in the Pittsburgh Technology Center. Police said the incident occurred over the weekend between 4 p.m. Friday, September 1, and Tuesday morning. No further details were available.

07 September 2006
at 09:33

A fire alarm was set off in the Mellon Institute. The fire department was dispatched, but it was later reported that the alarm had been set off by contractors working on the ninth floor of the building on the Bellefield Avenue side.

08 September 2006
at 10:54

A student reported that he found his bike missing from the Morewood Gardens bike rack. Police could not identify the thief.