Carnegie connections: Science in Pittsburgh

When students first arrive at Carnegie Mellon, the prospect of living in Pittsburgh can, to some, seem overwhelmingly bleak. A strong scientific and cultural background is not always associated with a city forged out of steel mills.

However, students have the opportunity to explore world-class museums while studying at Pittsburgh’s world-class university. the experience is made possible through CMU.

CMU ID+ cardholders are granted free access to venues like the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Carnegie Science Center, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and the Warhol Museum.

The Natural History Museum, in particular, provides a valuable repository of life and earth science exhibits.

The museum is also home to some of the foremost authorities in their field, including on-site paleontologists, ornithologists, and also geologists.

Over the course of the next semester, the Science & Technology section will give readers insight into some of the traveling exhibits featured in the Museum of Natural History, such as the current exhibition on the science behind taxidermy.

The section will also give readers access to exclusive articles about the museum’s permanent collection and interviews with the museum’s experts.

CMU students are now given the opportunity to conveniently explore Pittsburgh’s finest museums on campus.