Haplotype Mapping Project is underway

A new project based of off the human genome project is currently underway to provide a public database of human species variation. It attempts to map the genetic evolution of certain human characteristics. Scientists compare DNA patterns to determine genetic factors that relate to disease and resistance. The HapMap project identifies tiny genetic disparities, called SNPs, which describe traits such as hair, eye color, and disease resistance. Results of the project are speculated to provide better-targeted drugs.

Source: Popular Science

Apple begins new recycling program

Apple Computer, Inc., is now going eco-friendly with an extended computer recycling program. Customers who purchase new Apple computers are eligible for free shipping and recycling of old Macs. Historically, Apple has been lacking in recycling initiatives, and major shareholders plan to discuss more environmental initiatives with the company’s executives. The program begins in June and also accepts iPods.


Hurricanes caused by global warming?

The intense debate over global warming has led to speculation that the increased frequency of hurricanes in last year’s hurricane season may be caused by global warming conditions. Warmer waters and increased winds are thought to be due to greenhouse gas accumulation. Some experts disagree and contend that natural cycles cause these fluctuations of events. No matter the case, increasing temperatures are a current climate trend. In fact, emissions and gas accumulation patterns have grown steadily since 1970. Scientists expect an increased number of hurricanes this year as well.


Bacteria and beans are better for you

A new study shows that fermenting beans with certain strands of bacteria draws out more nutrients from them and increase their digestibility. Beans are naturally hard to digest. Fermentation causes a reduction of indigestible compounds and fibers in beans. The breakdown of fibers in the fermented beans allows increased nitrogen absorption, a necessary nutrient process for survival, and reduces methane released by bacteria within the stomach.


Warner Bros. to release first hybrid high-definition DVD

A high-definition HD-DVD format is to be combined with a standard DVD disc on Warner Bros.’ release of the 2005 movie Rumor Has It. One side will be in high definition, while the other has the standard DVD format. HD-DVD releases are launching into stores, many weeks ahead of Blu-Ray discs, another high definition DVD format developed by Sony. The high-definition format wars have been raging on for one year even without a product, and so a push by Warner Bros. may give HD-DVD an advantage.

Source: Yahoo!