Did you know?

May 16, 1956

A survey taken by Carnegie Tech addressed the post-graduate careers of Tech alumni. Interestingly, the most popular response was “housewife.” Who knew Carnegie Mellon’s technology-focused curriculum was so good at teaching women how to use toasters and vacuums?

May 5, 1981

Bruce Carter, a CFA professor, had a display at the Hokkaido Print Association Exhibition in Japan. His work was controversial, as it depicted the experiences of victims of the Warsaw ghetto and Wounded Knee. The Japanese shunned his work because of the strong artistic commentary, and in response Carter stated, “If one generation does not pass this [message] along to the next one, they’ve committed a great injustice. I’m trying to do it through my artwork. To me it’s too much risk to assume that someone else is taking care of it.” Obviously, his heart was in the work.

April 29, 1996

The Tartan’s parody publication, The Natrat, published a “Top Ten DORK Pick-Up Lines Popular @andrew.cmu.edu,” which included, “110000011010010110100010100101001,” and “Hey, do you want to try on my cloak?” It’s good to know some things never change. Or not.

April 29, 2001

When students were asked, “How will you survive the last few weeks of school?” the responses ranged from “Having no fun” to “Loading up on Mountain Dew” to “I’m not going to survive — I’ll live here forever.” Again, it’s good to know some things never change. But now we know who that person is camped out in the back of Hunt...

April 25, 2005

On April 10 it was discovered by officials at the Tepper School of Business that an online intruder had broken into a number of computers. It was estimated that as many as 6000 students’ personal information had been compromised. Students were notified campuswide on April 20. Some speculated that the delay was partly because SquirrelMail kept logging the administration out every time they tried to notify the student body.