Crime and Incident

Vehicle Collision
22 April 2006
at 13:49

The University shuttle service contacted University Police and said that a silver Honda with Maryland registration had hit the shuttle bus with its mirror and created a small nick on the side of the bus. The driver of the Honda did not stop.

24 April 2006
at 10:43

A complainant called University Police and reported that her jewelry, jewelry bag, and checkbook had been stolen. The complainant’s items had been in an unlocked car outside of Mudge House.

Suspicious Activity
24 April 2006
at 18:38

A complainant walked into University Police headquarters and reported that a man was restraining another man on the ground on the corner of Filmore and Craig streets. When police arrived, they discovered that an altercation
had occurred between a student and a panhandler. No more information is currently available.

25 April 2006
at 01:04

University Police responded to a report of the odor of smoke in Doherty Hall. The police determined the source of the smoke to be room B306. A student was working on a project inside the room. University Police determined that the project did not appear to be interfering with the fire alarm system.

25 April 2006
at 09:19

A complainant reported to University Police that his iPod, credit card, and $80 in cash had been stolen from the complainant’s room in Donner House. The complainant had left his door partially open after leaving the room.

Noise Complaint
26 April 2006
at 00:01

University Police responded to a noise complaint in the Quad. Upon arrival, the police found a fraternity chapter doing construction work outside. Police notified the students that they were disturbing people, and advised them to keep the noise at a low level for the remainder of the evening.

Alcohol Amnesty
26 April 2006
at 22:46

University Police responded to a call for help in New House. Upon arrival, police found the individual intoxicated. The police made sure the individual was awake and breathing before giving alcohol amnesty.

Suspicious Person
26 April 2006
at 23:15

A complainant called University Police and said that a suspicious man followed the complainant into Newell-Simon Hall. The complainant said the suspicious person was not doing anything wrong, but did not feel he belonged in the building. The actor was described as an older white male, heavyset, and wearing a baseball hat with a Steelers logo.