Presidential Perspectives

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I have been honored to serve as your student body president for the year. This year, we have witnessed many interesting events, such as the selection of a new dean of Student Affairs, outrage over public art on campus, the showing of the Activities Board’s TBA films, minor student government conflicts, and the campus reaction to Hurricane Katrina — just to name a few. These events are sometimes one of the perks of the position but can also be extremely time-consuming. I wish I had more time to go back and work on many of the initiatives I talked about during my campaign for student body president.

I am proud to say that the area of campus life that has seen the largest improvement is dining. Though some still complain, the results of a survey showed that most students think the campus food is neither good nor bad, but acceptable. The renovations to the area formerly known as Highlander Café, as well as new additions to the dining system, should help the upward trend continue.

As Nicolette, Nick, and I prepare to graduate and conclude the year, we must ensure a smooth transition for the new leaders of student government. On Wednesday, the Graduate Student Assembly should confirm this year’s student government election results. Despite the low voter turnout, Karl, Andrea, and Kirk will do an amazing job fulfilling the duties in their new positions. Outside of the transition process, I will list a few suggestions to alert the entire campus community about initiatives that need to be worked on.

Communication desperately needs to be improved on campus. I would love to see a new and creative way for the announcement of events on campus. Hopefully, the idea of adding events monitors to the University Center will finally come to fruition. Also, the administration needs to find a better way to pass along important messages to students other than using only e-mail.

The campus community needs to be more open to the ideas behind change. Be willing to allow something to happen prior to complaining about it. This is the only way we can change the campus and try to remove some of the apathy.

I would like to congratulate all of the seniors who will be graduating, and wish good luck to all students who will be returning next year. I encourage everyone to work with Karl, Andrea, and Kirk, for they will have a lot of work to do, but will be great for the positions.