Athlete profile- Amy Staloch

Last week, Amy Staloch was named the University Athletic Association’s tennis athlete of the week. The honor was in response to Staloch’s outstanding performance at the Fab Five Invitational hosted by Washington and Lee University. Staloch came out of the tournament with a 2–1 record with wins against Williams (Mass.) College and Mary Washington University (Va.), placing her in the number-one spot in both singles and doubles. Recently, The Tartan spoke with Amy about her tennis accomplishments.

Tartan: When did you start playing tennis, and why?
Staloch: I started playing when I was three. My mom teaches tennis, and so I was always out at our tennis club anyway.

T: Did you always know that you wanted to play tennis in college?
S: I just played tennis for fun and for the competition. I didn’t really ever think ahead as to what I wanted to do with it. College tennis just came up when coaches started contacting me.

T: What is the hardest part about being a student athlete at Carnegie Mellon?
S: The hardest thing is missing stuff that goes on at school when we are gone for tournaments. We are really busy in the spring and miss a lot of weekend stuff.

T: What is the best part?
S: The best thing about being a student athlete is getting to know the team. We just have a lot of fun.

T: How do you prepare for a match?
S: I just do the team warm-up and hang out with the girls. I don’t really do anything special except try and be confident going on the court.

T: Where is your favorite place to compete and why?
S: My favorite place to compete is anywhere outside, when it’s hot and my parents are watching.

T: What is your most meaningful tennis accomplishment to date?
S: Winning nationals because I was so calm during the whole tournament and actually felt confident in myself.

T: To what do you attribute your success in tennis?
S: I really think it’s just that I love to compete. I’d much rather play matches than practice.

T: How supportive is your family?
S: My parents are the best tennis parents I could imagine. They sit and watch me calmly and don’t care about the outcome. They only care how my attitude is on court. They are disappointed when I get mad at myself, but they always comfort me anyway.

T: What is the best advice that a coach or teammate has given to you?
S: A coach once told me that the best win is to win ugly. It takes a lot of pressure off of “playing well” and focuses on simply competing with what I’ve got that day.

T: Do you like watching tennis or just playing?
S: I’d much rather play tennis. I like to watch my teammates but I don’t watch professional tennis.

T: Would you rather watch men’s or women’s tennis?
S: Professional men are so much better so they are more fun to watch.