IM News

Director: Mike Mastroianni, x8-2214 or mma@
Assistant Director: Mike Grzywinski, x8-2214 or immike@
Secretary: Amy Kiryk,
x8-2053 or kiryk@
President: Jon Kline, jlkline@
Vice-President: Bill Ross, wross1@
Women’s President:
Jaci Feinstein, jfeinste@
Important Dates:

Thursday, April 6 — Rosters due for co-rec kickball and Ultimate Frisbee

Sports in Season:

3-on-3 Basketball — The three-on-three tournament was held last week in the UC. Champions were Beta Ballman (majors), Beta Freshmen (intermediate), Kappa Sigma (minors), and Hoopers Punch (women).

Individual Call Pool and Table Tennis — Schedules are available in the IM Office. Please play all games as scheduled and report scores to the IM Office.

Indoor Soccer — The season is underway in the Arena Room. Schedules are available at the IM Office.

Badminton (Team) — The champions were Budaya A (majors) and Boo-Yah! (minors).

3-Point Shootout and Foul Shooting — In the men’s division, Allen Yeh won both foul shooting (89) and three-point (19). The women’s three-point champ was Kim Kicielinski. The team champ will be announced next week.