Crime and Incident

24 March 2006
at 12:56

A complainant told Campus Police that an unknown individual had removed unspecified items out of Room 171 at police headquarters, 300 South Craig Street.

Fire Alarm
24 March 2006
at 13:28

Campus Police received a report from Facilities Management Services that a fire was in progress at Roselawn Terrace 4. Smoke was seen billowing out of the second-floor window by FMS. Police suspect a resident’s computer caused the fire.

Suspicious Person
26 March 2006
at 04:22

A complainant told Campus Police that two Asian males were sleeping in the lounge in Doherty Apartments. The complainant reported that the men had been rude to him, and he thought they were not Carnegie Mellon students. Campus Police confirmed that the sleepers actually were Carnegie Mellon students, and no further action was needed.

27 March 2006
at 10:07

An individual passed a bad check in the computer store in the University Center. The check, in the amount of $207.58, was believed to be fake. No further information is available, as Campus Police are currently investigating the incident.

29 March 2006
at 14:31

A complainant told Campus Police that an unknown individual had removed his leather coat, identification card, cellular phone, and clothing from Skibo Gym.

Assist Outside Agency
30 March 2006
at 16:15

The Information Network Institute called Campus Police and said that an unknown individual interrupted a lecture in the Collaborative Innovation Center. The actor was seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and a mask. The actor placed a sign on the glass door of the lecture hall. The sign contained the words “sic semper tyrannis.”

Assist Outside Agency
31 March 2006
at 02:50

A driver for Carnegie Mellon Escort notified Campus Police that an accident occurred on Forbes Avenue at Murdoch Road involving two students. Campus Police responded to the scene and notified Pittsburgh police, who also responded.