dollar movie

Wednesday, 4/26
10 12
** 1984 **
Did you know that the CIA changed the ending to this movie? From a New York Times article: “The agency ... changed the ending of the movie version of ‘1984,’ disregarding Orwell’s specific instructions that the story not be altered.” I just wanted to let you know that before you see it, because nowhere is this mentioned in the movie. This movie does not do the book justice. If you have not read the book, do that instead. If you have read the book and have recovered from Carnival, go see the movie. The story is still there.

Thursday, 4/27
8 10 12
** Bullitt **
This is a badass cop movie from 1968 with Steve McQueen as Lieutenant Bullitt. It can’t really be classified as an action movie, but it has one of the most memorable and parodied car chases in film history. If you can stand slow but well-done ‘60s movies, this is definitely one of the best.

Friday, 4/28
8 10 12
** The Matador **
This is that movie you wanted to see about Pierce Brosnan the hitman, but you just couldn’t find the time to make it to the theater, what with winter break and all. Now is your chance. This has been called Brosnan’s best performance of his career, where he plays a character so much wittier and more real than James Bond. Paired with Greg Kinnear and cool backdrops, Brosnan makes this comedy/drama well worth the watch.

Saturday, 4/29
8 10 12
** King Kong **
Usually, remakes are pretty bad. Especially remakes of highly acclaimed movies. Take Burton’s Planet of the Apes, for instance. Thankfully, Peter Jackson didn’t learn from others’ mistakes and remade another movie about big monkeys, King Kong. I must admit, I was worried about this movie before I went to see it, and I was also worried about the health of my bladder. This is a very long, very expensive, and very epic movie. And it’s very good if you can sit through it.

Sunday, 4/30
7:30 10 12:30
** 2046 **
AB probably thought they were clever beginning and ending the week with movies with four-digit numbers for titles, and when you compute ((2046+1984)/(2046–1984))–(2046–1984), it equals 3, which is the number of movies that were shown between the two. I’ve got you figured out, AB, just like you figured out that 2046 is a good movie. It’s very strange, has lots of sex, and has an awkward resolution. Sounds perfect for college students.