Did you know?

May 1, 1956

There was much excitement this year during the Spring Carnival season. An “unscheduled rally” took place on Morewood Avenue, in which several Campus Queen candidates — upon close inspection of a photograph taken by a tree-climbing Tartan photographer — were among the mob. Another interesting incident during the event was “the skipping or bouncing of one of the raw eggs from the cement to the lawn without breaking, after a throw of something like eighty feet.” The lucky egg was then used in the competition over and over again. It is unsaid what the rally was about, so it is left for us to wonder if it might have been for something like a “Long Live the Winning Egg” campaign that the unruly queen candidates got caught up in.

April 28, 1981

Phi Kap retained its status as pie-eating contest winner for the second year in a row. Too bad there is no longer a competition like that for Carnival these days. The frat boys could still entertainingly dominate that. In other news, Carlos Santana captivated the Carnival audience, as he was the musician that year. Santana? Seriously? What happened to having big names like that at Carnival?

April 22, 1996

1990 alumna Ellen Koh talked about her least favorite things about Carnival: “The weather. Definitely the weather. And the line for the funnel cakes.” Sounds familiar. Also, Alpha Epsilon Pi’s booth collapsed this year. The five-year curse commences.

April 23, 2001

Adam Dodd, a sophomore in materials science, stated that he would always have the “memory of AEPi’s booth falling.” The five-year curse continues...

April 18, 2005

Did you know what AEPi’s booth did this year? Wait, it did what? Yes, seriously. Alpha Epsilon Pi’s booth collapsed a year early.

This year

During this year’s Carnival, AEPi brother Dan Rosenthal said, “Dave Mason, my roommate, fell off the roof about eight feet.” Mason was hard at work on the Aztec structure when gravity got hold of him. He was not injured and the booth still stood, because the curse jumped the gun last year.