Crime and Incident

Liquor Law
15 April 2006
at 02:37

University Police responded to a call that an unknown individual was vomiting on the sidewalk along Forbes Avenue. Police issued the person a state citation for underage drinking.

18 April 2006
at 09:44

A complainant called University Police and said that five individuals were standing outside of the Collaborative Innovation Center protesting. One of the protesters was banging on a drum and another was using a bullhorn. When police arrived, the protesters said they would be there for several days. They had a permit for both the bullhorn and the drums.

Suspicious Activity
19 April 2006
at 16:21

A complainant called University Police and said he witnessed an unknown individual going through a trash can in the
East Campus Garage. The
complainant then saw the individual leave a backpack in the trash can. The actor was described as a white man in his early 40s. The police checked the garage, but the man was not found.

Disorderly Conduct
20 April 2006
at 02:25

A complainant called University Police and said that a heavyset white man in a ball cap was harassing persons in the East Campus Garage. The actor was believed to be intoxicated. Police were unable to find the actor upon arrival.

20 April 2006
at 06:53

A complainant called University Police to say a tool used to level wet concrete was stolen from the back of his vehicle parked along Forbes Avuenue. When the complainant returned to his vehicle, the tool was missing.

Suspicious Activity
20 April 2006
at 10:08

A complainant called University Police and said that a suspicious-looking black man wearing a yellow sweatshirt was looking through the garbage on the third floor of Morewood Gardens. The man, who was questioned by police, was an employee on garbage duty.

Suspicious Person
20 April 2006
at 12:43

A complainant told University Police that an unknown white man was knocking on the doors of Henderson House and asking for a donation. The man was not found when police arrived.

Public Drunkeness
21 April 2006
at 09:43

University Police responded to reports of an man standing on the yellow median lines on Forbes Avenue. The actor, an alumnus, was highly intoxicated. Brothers from the alumnus’s fraternity approached the police and interfered with his arrest. Backup units were called in, but the fraternity brothers had left the scene before they arrived. The fraternity house was cited internally. The alumnus was charged with public drunkenness.