Presidential Perspectives

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Carnival officially begins on Thursday afternoon, and with that comes the excitement around Sweepstakes, Booth, funnel cakes, fireworks, comedians, and concerts; however, this year there is a new addition to the excitement: student government elections. Elections will be held online on April 24 and 25. (The Web address will be published at a later date.) All students will have a chance to vote for student body president and student body vice-president for finance. Undergraduate students will also vote for their Student Senators and on a referendum that will reassess the media fee used to pay for the Collegiate Readership Program sponsored by USA Today.

Tomorrow at 5:30 pm, WRCT, The Tartan, and cmuTV will be sponsoring a debate for the candidates for student body president and vice-president. In the next week or so, take some time out to learn about the candidates by talking to them and reading their platforms, which will be available on the website where the elections will be held. This way, you will be able to make an educated decision. I encourage all students to remember to vote in the student government elections. These newly elected officials will be your official voice to the school and administration and can potentially change campus for the better.

Last Thursday, the Undergraduate Student Senate voted to approve a referendum to question whether the undergraduate students still want the media fee. The media fee funds the Collegiate Readership Program, which brings USA Today, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and The New York Times to campus for undergraduate students. These newspapers can be picked up in one of 11 locations on campus, including academic buildings and residence halls. The media fee is $5 per semester.

At this point the program is running with a surplus due to a lower readership than what was expected during the trial in October and November 2004, but I believe readership will increase with more important news events like midterm elections for the national government.

If you haven’t taken advantage of having the newspapers on campus, please take some time this week to look at what the program offers students. I look forward to seeing the results of the election in a little over a week and wish the best of luck to the winners.