Student dies after car accident on Forbes

Web Update: Wednesday, April 12, 2:30 pm

Sophomore economics major Wei Wei Wang, 19, died this morning from injuries she sustained in a car accident on Forbes Avenue last night.

Wang had just gotten off the bus at the Margaret Morrison bus stop, where witnesses saw her carrying flowers and a birthday cake before walking in front of the stopped bus and into passing traffic.

Police arrived at the scene at approximately 11:30 pm and set up a roadblock across Forbes Avenue near Margaret Morrison Street.

The Pittsburgh Collision Unit arrived on the scene at 1:30 this morning and gathered data from the area. Officer Dan Connelly of the Collision Investigation Unit said that Wang traveled a distance close to 50 feet from the point of impact.

“We’re speculating right now that the driver probably wasn’t going all that fast,” Connelly said. Yet because Wang landed on her head, the nature of her injury was critical.

Connelly said he would file an official report once all the data is collected and the collision unit enters it into a 3D modeling program. The program will determine the force of impact of the car on Wang’s body.