Greek Sing spoofs musicals

“Wait. Were we supposed to take this seriously?” a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon joked as he ran off the stage. Well, that depends on whom you asked. Greek Sing, which was held in the Soldiers and Sailors auditorium on Saturday night, featured some very professional and some more amateur performances by the fraternities and sororities at Carnegie Mellon. In fact, it seemed more appropriate to divide Greek Sing not into “singles” and “doubles” (in which a sorority and fraternity perform together) but rather “serious” and “spoofs.”

As the house lights dimmed, the musical theater seniors took the stage and set the bar high with their performance of songs from Rent and a parody of Urinetown. Their performance was obviously well- rehearsed and their stage presence was undeniable, as audience members stood and cheered throughout the songs.

The three acts that followed — Alpha Chi Omega and Alpha Epsilon Pi, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Kappa Alpha Theta and Phi Kappa Theta — also had put obvious effort into their sets and costumes. Although the vocals from these performances were not as strong as later performances, these fraternities and sororities made the most of what their brothers and sisters could offer.

Alpha Chi Omega and Alpha Epsilon Pi took a creative approach to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The most outstanding character was a “transsexual Transylvanian” dressed in fishnet stockings, heels, and a corset. Following, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Kappa Kappa Gamma’s performance of Moulin Rouge featured an elaborate light-up backdrop and colorful costumes that made up for a few missed steps in the choreography here and there. Andrea Crews, a sister in Kappa Kappa Gamma, explained, “The separate pieces [concept, choreography, costumes, music, sets, etc.] can all be handled separately or delegated, but actually putting the show together is the most challenging. You never know if you need more sets or if costume changes will be too difficult or if you have less room to dance than expected.” Clearly, those obstacles were overcome in Saturday’s show.

Also featuring wonderfully creative costumes was Kappa Alpha Theta and Phi Kappa Theta’s performance of Once on This Island, which kept the buzz going as Act I finished up. Henry Te from Phi Kappa Theta explained that, even though putting the performance together was a daunting task, “the most rewarding part of Greek Sing is being able to physically see the positive aspects of the Greek community come to life. Just like in Booth, Buggy and other philanthropic events, we all have a first-hand experience in what it means to be part of a brotherhood [or] sisterhood. Everybody has a good time while developing bonds that last a lifetime while benefitting the community as well.”

After the intermission, the mood changed dramatically as Sigma Alpha Epsilon took the stage. Taking the unique approach of explaining the history of pop culture icons Boyz II Men, Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s performance featured brothers dressed as Superman, a hot dog, and a cloud. While less serious than other performances, the crowd roared at the end of their show.

Delta Delta Delta and Pi Kappa Alpha took the stage next with their own creative version of Wedding Crashers. One of the more memorable scenes had the brothers and sisters dancing on stage surrounded by dancers wielding colorful ribbons. Still on the funnier side, Beta Theta Pi put on a less energetic performance of Ghostbusters, but still managed to make the audience laugh.

The audience went wild as Delta Gamma and Kappa Delta Rho took the stage for their version of Big River. Featuring hands-down the best vocals and choreography, it became clear that this performance would have fit in better with those from Act I. Theta Xi kept the bar high with The Graduate, chock full of sexual innuendo and memorable songs.

Regardless of whether or not the event was taken seriously by all the performers, Greek Sing managed to raise $12,000 for the charity Doctors Without Borders. The first awards of the night were given to Delta Delta Delta for raising the most money and Kappa Kappa Gamma for being the most helpful to the Chairman. In the singles division, Theta Xi took first place, followed by Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Beta Theta Pi in second and third place, respectively. In the doubles division, Delta Gamma and Kappa Delta Rho were the clear winners of not only the first-place trophy but also the overall achievement award. In second place were Alpha Epsilon Pi and Alpha Chi Omega, followed by Kappa Kappa Gamma and Sigma Phi Epsilon in third.