Crime and Incident

14 March 2006
at 15:42

The complainant called University Police and said that an unknown person had removed the sofa from the lounge in the basement of Baker Hall. The complainant saw no one around the lounge area when he called police.

16 March 2006
at 13:57

The University Police desk was informed that at least 40 individuals who were protesting for university janitors were walking down Forbes Avenue and standing in front of the Collaborative Innovation Center.

Assist Outside Agency
17 March 2006
at 04:21

University Police responded to a tan Nissan Sentra pushing another car onto the sidewalk outside of police headquarters at 300 South Craig Street. The victim’s vehicle was a black Volkswagen Jetta. University Police contacted the owner of the Jetta, who then obtained help from the Pittsburgh Police Department.

17 March 2006
at 10:16

A complainant called University Police and said that an unknown person removed money from a cashbox located in Hunt Library. No further information is available.

Burglary/Forcible Entry
18 March 2006
at 08:15

The complainant called University Police after finding his apartment broken into. The complainant was previously out of town on spring break and was unsure of when the incident happened. The complainant reported his laptop and PlayStation missing.

Suspicious Person
20 March 2006
at 10:43

The complainant visited University Police and reported a suspicious person on the second floor of the 300 South Craig Street building near Room 280. The actor was reported as being a black male with a husky build. The actor was wearing a ski cap and a gray shirt with jeans. The complainant did not believe the actor to be an employee or contractor of the building.

23 March 2006
at 16:00

A student reported to University Police that her backpack had been stolen. The complainant left her bag with a friend before going downstairs to retrieve a package. When the complainant returned, her bag was missing. Her friend said she had not seen anything.