Presidential Perspectives

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I spent this past Thursday as I spend most of my Thursdays: attending the Undergraduate Student Senate meeting as an ex officio member. As I sat there and waited to give my report on various updates, I wondered how detailed the debate would be on the Students’ Rights Policy, hoping we would have a substantial amount of time to discuss the potential ramifications of the resolution in support of the proposed amendments. I was slightly unnerved when four funding motions passed in a flurry of Senate activity — in about 10 minutes. Finally the discussion arrived and I was more than satisfied with its length. However, one question I posed left me with a disturbing response; I wanted to know how many Senators had actually talked to their constituents — or even friends — about this potential new policy. Sadly, very few had made mention of it to anyone.

When dealing with potential amendments that can affect the entire student population, it is important to have input from and communication with fellow students. Not only have most of the Senators forgotten to make themselves more visible, but I face the same problem, too. This is something I am working on fixing in the second semester of my term.

Last semester, after an editorial was written about the lack of transparency of my administration, I took time to reflect upon what I thought I was doing right and what I was criticized on. In order to protect the integrity of certain tasks, I can’t always disclose every project I am working on. However, I should be more forthcoming on my projects. I have been spending more time planning and writing my columns this semester. Currently, I am looking into the feasibility of having some kind of air time on WRCT, hopefully with the ability to have students ask questions directly to me.

This week, I will be scheduling my office hours. Now that I am a second-semester senior with a much more open schedule, I will be able to vary the location of the weekly office hours, so I can be found in a more open area on campus rather than always on the third floor of the University Center, where my office is located. Those are the major changes in the upcoming few weeks. I hope these will allow me to communicate with you on a much more frequent basis. Since Nicolette and I are the only two people in the student body (vice) president positions, we can miss certain obvious suggestions to improve our office. If you have any suggestions, feel free to e-mail or talk with me so I can make myself more available to serve you, the student body.