Lunar Gala Wrap Up

Web Update: The 10th annual Lunar Gala fashion show knocked out the standing-room-only audience last Saturday in Wiegand Gymnasium. The show was themed as Lunar Gala X, and embraced the "explicit," "extraordinary," and "extreme," according to the program.

Lunar Gala began 10 years ago with the mission of exploring creativity. It highlights fashion and dance by allowing students to design and model clothing, as well as by hosting dance performances by students. The coordinators of the show are also drawn from the student body.

This year's Lunar Gala featured 13 designers and 28 models. Designers created their own clothing inspired by a variety of ideas from composting to bondage. Some of the most memorable designs used elaborate headdresses to make the model appear birdlike, or used shocking contrasts such as a dress that was white on one side and gray on the other.

The show also featured some fashions from professional designers like Benneton, Victoria's Secret, and Little Black Dress. Also modeled were fine necklaces from Cheri Petrini-Hayden's "Backlace" collection.

Aside from the sumptuous feast of fabulous attire, the audience was treated to hip-hop, breakdancing, and karate performances throughout the evening — as well as a performance by Pittsburgh Dance Explosion, a dance group from the Pittsburgh community.