Did you know?

50 Years Ago
February 28, 1956

The Greek Sing and Swing was kicking its heels high again at Carnegie Mellon. Music and dancing were all the rage as 19 fraternities and sororities joined for the fourth annual Sing and Swing. Music provided included everything from “spirituals to Rogers and Hart,” and The Tartan proclaimed that it was “good listening for all.” Gee golly, sounds like a regular toe-tapping riot.

25 Years Ago
February 24, 1981

Several residents of Morewood gave their own commentary on food services by placing a sign in their window that proclaimed that neither the food service, nor hookers, tasted good, despite their high prices. Memo to self — Skip both Sí Señor and Club Coochie this evening.

10 Years Ago
February 26, 1996

The Tartan commented on attire for such events as formals at Carnegie Mellon. The Tartan warned that you might be the victim of nasty phrases like “Let me tell you, that dress leaves nothing to the imagination” if you made a fashion faux pas. They said it like it was a bad thing. Pish.

5 Years Ago
February 26, 2001

A new plan was announced to build a dormitory hall between Mudge and Morewood Gardens. At the time, there were high hopes that perhaps we could name it something fun like “The House of Pain” or “Hufflepuff” or “Cool Kid Castle.” But in their typical unimaginative fashion, they called it... New House. Woo hoo!!! Carnegie Mellon is such a bucket of fun.

1 Year Ago
February 28, 2005

A story in our Science & Technology section taught us all about distilling vodka. We also learned fun facts about, for example, potato vodkas: The Tartan wrote that potato vodkas “have a slightly sweeter taste than grain vodkas.” In other news, the ‘O’ is out of French fries, and your suitemate passed out after he smelled what was in the bathtub.