Letter to the Editor: GM doesn't deserve praise

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Web Special: Last week's editorial ["GM advertises ethanol-fueled cars," 2/20] was a poor interpretation of the actions of America's most bankrupt automaker. The editorial correctly notes two important facts, that E-85 engines have been around for over a decade and that our vehicles currently already run as much as 10 percent ethanol in the fuel mix. What it did not note is GM's reasons for promoting their ethanol vehicle; they have no hybrid electric vehicle.

Designing an ethanol engine is not difficult; it is almost the same as any other gasoline engine. What is difficult is engineering cars to be lighter and more fuel efficient, something which Detroit has little interest in. Ethanol's main benefit is decreased dependency on foreign oil. It will do little to slow the flood of global warming. What we need is smaller, lighter cars with engines that don't spew greenhouse gases, not to celebrate the glamorized publicity of last decade's alternatively fueled car.

Ryan England
Civil Engineering