Did you know

February 21, 2005

Wearing a misleadingly nonthreatening snazzy purple suit, political activist Malik Zulu Shabazz visited campus, ostensibly to speak on black history. Before he started, he had two Tartan photographers removed from the room by his entourage, armed with truncheons and outdoor voices. On the plus side, it wasn’t until covering Shabazz’s four-hour-long, anti-intellectual, anti-Semitic spiel that I discovered how evil I truly am. No wonder he needed to use the metal detectors on us.

February 19, 2001

In its coverage of 2001’s Sex Week, the Tartan printed an article on an objectivist lecture against “neo-Puritanism” under the headline “Sex Is Good.” This was one part of a tripartite series that week along with Science & Technology’s “The Sky is Blue” and Forum’s “Death is Tragic.”

February 19, 1996

A thief hid inside the closet at the back of the Wean 5419 cluster and emerged after the rooms were locked to steal memory from many — but not all — of the 64 computers in the cluster. The thief snuck out when the cluster reopened after cleaning. We can only guess why SCS never commissioned grad students to build a laser-guided Cluster Sentinel® robot... or checked the closet.

February 17, 1981

The Tartan announced that the University had matriculated more students from outside Pennsylvania than inside for the first time in its history. Admissions claimed that St. Louis, Chicago, and Minneapolis represented “new academic horizons” from which to recruit. Plans must have changed, though: I wouldn’t exactly call Minneapolitans the substantial new demographic around campus since the ’80s.

February 14, 1956

Lee Gregg, a Carnegie Tech professor of psychology, published his work on human muscle response, stating that when a subject is unmotivated to perform a task, muscle tensions while performing are low. While I have no idea what applicability this finding has, it does seem apropos that Gregg was later memorialized in the name of the Porter Hall 100 lecture hall, where I spent many hours being unmotivated.