Top 10 Movies

Top Five Movies to Watch Instead of Making a Burn Book

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day alone than to curl up with your laptop and watch one of these movies that will make you think twice about love... or forget about it altogether.

5. The Boondock Saints: Hot Irish guys with guns and Willem Dafoe in drag. Need we say more?
4. High Fidelity: The bitterest of bitter. Sure, it (SPOILER!) has a halfway happy ending, but what about the rest of the movie? Besides, Jack Black does a mean cover of Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On.
3. Wet Hot American Summer: Teenagers. At camp. Long-lasting love? Psht, long-lasting love my ass.
2. Mean Girls: High school bitchfests and calculus drama? To quote Mugatu, “Soooo hot right now.”
1. Pirates: It’s Valentine’s Day. You’re lonely. We’re not here to judge.

Top Five Movies to Watch With Your Sweetie

So you’re one of the few at Carnegie Mellon to have found someone to share this over-commercialized holiday with? Awww. No really, we’re happy for you. Here are some movies you can watch while cuddling up with that cutie you managed to snag. Props to you.

5. Wedding Crashers: You know this was your guilty pleasure over the summer. Sure, it’s a little raunchy, but everyone loves a happy ending.
4. Love Actually: Um, sorry guys. This one’s for the girls, as it stars the yummy Hugh Grant. If it makes you feel any better, there’s nudity. But not Hugh’s. Damn contract clauses.
3. The Princess Bride: Princesses. Pirates. Dueling. Rodents of Unusual Size. Doesn’t sound overly romantic? Buttercup and Wesley will change your mind.
2. Mallrats: Join T.S. and Brodie as they try to win back their true loves and foil their enemies. Hilarity ensues when they all end up on a dating show gone horribly wrong. And Ben Affleck gets his ass kicked... what more could you possibly want?
1. Grease: Clean-cut Sandy and bad-boy Danny made it. They even flew away in a seriously red-hot car. Who says there isn’t any hope for a CS/voice major coupling?

Whether you’re alone on Valentine’s Day or have someone to share it with, just remember: The Tartan loves you. Especially if you tell us how pretty we are. Often.