Crime and Incident

Suspicious Person
3 February 2006
at 17:21

A suspicious male was reported soliciting female students in the University Center. The actor offered students a spa treatment for $40 in cash.

3 February 2006
at 19:26

The complainant’s watch was stolen from the men’s
University Center locker room. Further details could not be given because the incident
is still under criminal investigation.

4 February 2006
at 08:52

Student Life called Campus Police reporting that a student was assaulted in the University Center. Two students were arguing and one eventually threw a wireless microphone at the other.

Suspicious Activity
4 February 2006
at 12:54

The complainant stated that a black man had walked into his classroom in Hamburg Hall. He described the actor as wearing dark brown baggy sweatpants with a dark brown sweatshirt and hat. The actor, who claimed he was looking for the bathroom, fit the description of the man about whom Campus Police issued a crime alert. Campus Police went to the hall but did not find the actor.

Suspicious Person
5 February 2006
at 03:05

The complainant called Campus Police believing that persons not affiliated with Carnegie Mellon were painting the Fence. Units went to the scene and reported that offensive language was painted on the Fence.

Disorderly Conduct
5 February 2006
at 22:09

City police reported that a couch was on fire in the street on Morewood Avenue. Two Campus Police units were dispatched to block traffic on the street. The units extinguished the couch and removed it from the street.

Suspicious Person
6 February 2006
at 13:59

A white male wearing a Steelers jacket was reported as using the computers in Hunt Library. The actor smelled of alcohol and was warned not to come back. A previous incident was reported involving the actor where police found him sleeping in Roberts Hall. The actor was given a non-traffic citation and signed a Defiant Trespass warning.