Did you know?

100 years ago
December 5, 1906

The Tartan congratulated the men who built the dam behind campus. Those involved were to be paid in their enjoyment in helping out, but that only went so far. Their hard labor better should have been reinforced with a hefty holiday bonus; we’re surprised they weren’t dam broke.

50 years ago
December 4, 1956

Among the four advertisements for cigarettes in The Tartan that week, Chesterfield’s ad depicted a chipper young lad discussing his satisfaction. The character boasted, “Everything looks bright with your Chesterfield alight!” (Except for his teeth.) The cigarette ad continued, stating that, if you “like your pleasure big,” then you should smoke Chesterfields. That’s what she said.

25 years ago
December 8, 1981

The Tartan offered some tips for staying sane during finals week. The advice included thinking not of what one must learn, but of what one has learned already. The article also suggested that students could limit their stress by listening to music and sleeping. Students are urged not to forget that others’ stress-reducing habits might be different than their own. So to sum up: Don’t lash out when your neighbors cope with their anxieties by having a disco at 3 a.m.

10 years ago
December 4, 1996

After years of waiting, Carnegie Mellon students finally got online access to the Hub. Instead of waiting in line to schedule classes at the Hub, students were now able to register online for their classes. This new system proved to be more user-friendly.

5 years ago
December 10, 2001

Headlines in The Natrat, The Tartan’s parody newspaper, included: “Prostitution discovered at University Frat House,” “CMU Murderer at Large; Police Unconcerned,” and an editorial titled “My Scooter is Gone.” Some articles may be surprisingly taken as truth, such as “Computer Science Students Like New Wean Dorm Idea.”

1 year ago
December 5, 2005

Carnegie Mellon was an exception to the national trend, because it was still able to draw students from abroad while many other schools’ numbers were on the decline. An article reported that the enrollment of international students is still strong at the university. We have students from other countries? I hadn’t noticed.