Presidential Perspectives

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One semester down, one to go. Winter break is upon us. We’re looking forward to a productive spring semester as well. Before we give you a sense of where we’re going, we’d like to show you where we’ve been.

Gender-Neutral Housing

Throughout the fall semester, we’ve been meeting with housefellows, Student Affairs, Housing, Michael Murphy, Jared Cohon, SDC, and Senate to help solidify a gender-neutral housing pilot-study. The study will focus on apartment-style living and would allow students to easily share coed living spaces without impacting students who want to live in a same-sex living environment. We’re hoping to pilot the program this coming room draw.


Carnegie Mellon students know a lot about this campus and how to maximize our college experience. That information needs to be shared. Next semester we’ll be rolling out a CampusWiki so that the entire community can share its knowledge.

Carnegie Skills Workshop

In pursuit of not wasting our time more than we have to, we are trying to help along this historically innovative and responsive course to recognize what’s needed. Evan Osheroff, the Student Senate Academic Affairs chair, has been working with us to develop new possibilities for the CSW curriculum. We have commitment from the CSW Committee to make changes where needed after a study in the spring.


This semester we investigated the problems with cutbacks in free tutoring, why tutoring is needed, how we utilize it, and why the money is falling short. We found funds which we can use to increase the bottom line. Next semester, we’ll look into long-term strategies to invest in tutoring so that hard-working students won’t fail.

Tent covers

It sucks to table in the rain or when it’s really hot. We’ll be purchasing tent covers for students to use when tabling outdoors. These shaded atriums will make tabling easier and more enjoyable.

That’s just a hint of what we’ve been working on and where we’ll be going next semester. Our agenda isn’t set in stone, nor is it something that only we can contribute to. Want to cause some positive change? Contact us!