Did you know?

100 years ago
November 7, 1906

The Carnegie Tech Mandolin Club had not been receiving the support it needed from its students. As is the tradition in these times, blame was placed solely on the first-years, or “plebes,” for not giving enough of their musical talents to the club. Good thing that attendance eventually did rise — a school is only as good as its Mandolin Club, after all.

50 years ago
November 6, 1956

To raise funds for a trip to the newly created United Nations in New York, Techies held a shoe-shining fundraiser. Those volunteering in the event visited the fraternities and male residence halls looking for a few good men who needed a shine. Regardless of the profit made, there was a consensus that the fundraiser would help Techies keep their squeaky clean image.

25 years ago
November 10, 1981

Patty Powers expressed her disgust towards certain unwanted visitors in the Skibo dining hall. Recently, an abundance of flies had made their way into the cafeteria, increasing the number of cups of soup being sent back to the chef. Also on Powers’ list of problems was the constant smell of garbage and an obese dead rat found at the bottom of the stairs to the dining establishment. At least the rat was enjoying the food.

10 years ago
November 4, 1996

A Tartan writer wanted to stick it to the man: Outraged by the recent swarm of business suits seen around campus, the columnist talked about his recent failure with the Business Opportunities Conference. Maybe it was his refusal to sell out to the system, or maybe it was his major (philosophy). Regardless of what caused the poor writer’s bane, he was still proud that he “refus[ed] to cave in until he ha[d] a family to support.”

5 years ago
November 5, 2001

A suspicious man was caught stealing clothes off a scarecrow on the fraternity quad. While the crime may appear idiotic, the man sure could cook up a quick story. When asked what he was doing, the thief stated that he was recovering a shirt that was stolen from him a year ago by the same people. Along with this, he also claimed that his name was imprinted in the clothes. Unfortunately, the police checked and found no such imprints. Maybe next time the poor man will just say the scarecrow gave him the clothes.

1 year ago
November 7, 2005

A shady-looking character was seen ambling through the University Center and then spotted again rifling through garbage cans outside of the Purnell Center. Police questioned the man and discovered that he was a Carnegie Mellon alumnus who had returned for the weekend to celebrate Homecoming. Perhaps his actions were a throwback to the days in which, like every college student, he would do anything for free food.