Student assaulted with gun at Theta Xi

A man assaulted a student, produced a gun, and threatened to shoot two other students during a social event at the Theta Xi house on October 29 around 1 a.m. The man was unaffiliated with the university, according to a University Police crime alert issued on October 31.

The gun confrontation occurred as the actor was leaving the Theta Xi house, on the fraternity quad, during a party.
A Theta Xi brother alerted guests that someone had pulled a gun, according to Joanna Fanuko, a sophomore in business administration who attended the party.

“[My friends and I] were sort of freaked out by it, and we ran to the corner of the room,” Fanuko said.

The actor ran to a car parked on Devon Road and drove down Forbes Avenue towards Oakland in an attempt to flee the scene.

A witness at the PAT bus shelter in front of the Cut was able to describe that actor’s vehicle to a University Police security guard who was patrolling the area.

University Police followed the suspect’s vehicle and pulled it over after it became caught in traffic at the intersection of Morewood and Fifth avenues. Police arrested him and trans-ported him to the Allegheny County Jail. The suspect did not resist arrest, the crime alert stated.

Police also found a dark-colored .22 caliber BB gun inside the vehicle.

The assault victim did not require any immediate medical attention. The two other victims were not harmed.
The suspect has been released on bail and is awaiting a preliminary hearing next week, according to University Police Chief Creig Doyle.

“This is a very unusual incident,” Doyle said. “I can’t remember the last time we had any gun incident.”