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We’d like to highlight our new sustainability task force and solicit your web developing skills.

Green practices and focus on sustainability are central values to this university. Carnegie Mellon University is a national pioneer in all things “green.” But we can do more. It’s great to have dorms and office buildings that are environmentally friendly, but we have to reflect upon how we have incorporated our green values into our daily lives.

In our quest to create a more sustainable university, we’ve overlooked the low-hanging fruit: how each university entity runs its daily business practices. Are all our printers on PowerSaver mode? Are we ordering from green suppliers? Do we have a well-implemented recycling program? These are just some of the questions a sustainability task force would ask. Students would make up the task force, which would serve as a consulting firm to the entire university. The students will meet with department heads and business managers of various departments and organizational entities on campus.

They’ll discuss business processes and supplier logistics, all with an eye to sustainability improvements. The task force will not be an advocacy body. It will not exist to spread awareness about the green lifestyle. It will exist to focus on the financial concerns of this university, making sure our dollars are being well spent, considering the university’s values. The task force will be charged with offering recommendations, not condemnation.

If you’re interested in serving on the task force, or helping us craft its mission statement and bylaws, please contact us. It will be composed of passionate, business-oriented students who want to cause positive change. You should be one of them.

Finally, we’re in the market for an executive assistant. More specifically, a web developer who can help us get several projects off the ground this year. One of the largest initiatives we’d like to take on this year is the creation of a Carnegie Mellon CampusWiki — a Wikipedia of campus knowledge. The potential for such a website is enormous. We want a determined student to help make it happen.

An ideal applicant would be a self-starter; we don’t like to micro-manage. He or she should have excellent communications skills and be well-versed in HTML, PHP, XML, and other common Internet technologies. Experience in WebISO integration would be ideal, although not required. Open-source platforms or wiki experience is a huge plus. This is a paid position. If interested, please contact us ASAP.