ATHLETE PROFILE: Jonathan Browne

Last Sunday, the men’s soccer team ended its season with a 3–0 win over Westminster College to capture the East Coast Athletic Conference (ECAC) title. This win also marked the end of senior forward Jonathan Browne’s collegiate career. Browne — the Tartans’ all-time leading point and goal leader — ended the season with two goals during the Westminster game.

Browne was honored as the most outstanding player during the ECAC championship and as the men’s soccer Athlete of the Week by the University Athletic Association (UAA). Last week, Browne sat down with The Tartan to give a little insight into his accomplishments on the soccer field.

Tartan: When did you first start playing soccer? How did you get into the sport?
Browne: I started playing when I was about five or six years old. My parents signed me up for the youth leagues and club, you know, just to get me into something, and I really just stuck with it from there.

T: Did you always plan on playing soccer when you got to college?
B: Yes. I always really enjoyed it; I still absolutely love playing. I had so many friends that played and we all really just wanted to keep playing, so I knew I would play in college.

T: How do you deal with Carnegie Mellon academics and soccer?
B: It’s pretty much like all your professors tell you: time management. I’ve just had to learn how to manage my time well and not fall behind. It’s a lot of work but you know it’s worth it.

T: What do you do to relax at Carnegie Mellon?
B: Well, soccer is somewhat relaxing, and then, when I get free time, I basically just finish off my work, and catch up on some sleep or sit back and watch some TV.

T: What do you focus on during a game to stay competitive?
B: I absolutely hate losing. I pretty much just focus on winning the game — and what I can keep doing to help win a game — because I can’t stand to lose.

T: Any particular accomplishments you are proud of?
B: I am pretty proud of the points and goals records. I had the goals record last year, but was still a few points short of the point record, and was really glad I was able to get that earlier this year.

T: Do you have a most memorable game?
B: Not so much one particular game, but basically every year when we play Emory, we have a pretty unforgettable game. We don’t like them, and pretty much every year it comes down to that game to win the UAA or conference. Plus we’ve beat them the past few years, so they’re nice memories.

T: Where’s your favorite place to travel to?
B: Well my favorite place that I have ever gotten to go to is Cancun.

With traveling for soccer, I would have to say Emory is actually my favorite place to go to. Normally we head down there in November, so it’s freezing here, and then we land down there and it’s 75 degrees and sunny out. It’s a nice little change and we have one of those good games. It makes for a nice weekend.