Dollar Movie

Top Gun
8 10 12

This film follows then-sane Tom Cruise as a fighter pilot in his quest for redemption. Difficulties that come with the job threaten his ambitions to become an elite Navy pilot and force him repeatedly to look dramatically at Kelly McGillis and ask for her support. Simply put, the best 110-minute recruiting commercial the Navy has ever made for the Air Force. Whether you’re into drama, Cold War dogfights, explosions, ’80s karaoke music, planes, Meg Ryan, or planes, this movie has something for you. All around good acting and a feel-good (eventually) storyline that will leave you wanting to dive-bomb sofas — I mean Soviets — just like Tom himself.


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Little Miss Sunshine
8 10 12

A heartwarming tale of how a sweet little girl can bring happiness to even the most dysfunctional of families, reminiscent of old Shirley Temple movies — if Shirley’s father were an abject failure and amoral motivational speaker and her grandfather a heroin addict trying to teach her stripper moves. Otherwise, exactly the same. Easy to enjoy for the off-color zaniness value, but it does actually carry a strong enough story and social commentary to satisfy your desire to see something “artsy” without the associated self-loathing and misery.

Clerks II
8 10 12

Kevin Smith’s latest movie in the Jay and Silent Bob hexology and sequel to the original 1994 cult classic that launched his career. Since then, Smith has made some money to spend on special effects, Technicolor, and donkey shows — all of which are evident in this fllm. The plot still follows Dante and Randall, now flipping burgers instead of clerking. Although with less memorable and less poignant dialogue than the first, the situational humor stays true to the spirit of the original and will keep Clerks fans entertained enough to keep them from calling Smith a sellout.

8 10 12

The perfect crime, stopped — as always — by the need for a plot. Kidnappers who have made a successful living — well, kidnapping — decide to kidnap a rich couple’s daughter and charge a high ransom. And then they separate, taunt, and torment the couple because stealing children doesn’t make them bad enough. If you don’t sympathize with the girl yet, why not give her a little asthma to spice things up? A somewhat shaky plot, but strong acting from Dakota Fanning and Charlize Theron help solidify this thriller and keep it entertaining. Oh yeah, and explosions. And, of course, planes.