Did you know?

100 years ago
November 14, 1906

The following obscure quote was published in the personals: “Miss Selheimer loves the Mother Earth. In her efforts to hug it, great was the fall thereof.” We’re not exactly sure what that means, only that it sounds poetic and painful at the same time.

50 years ago
November 20, 1956

The Carnegie Institute of Technology shot to first place in the local rifling competition. The all-around sharpshooters edged past Brown to hit their target position. I’m sure they left their mark on the other teams, especially Temple, who surprisingly placed last in the shooting competition. As we gaze toward the start of this year’s college basketball season, we find it’s funny how much times have changed.

25 years ago
November 24, 1981

Much to the dismay of graduate students, President Richard Cyert decided to raise tuition more than 20 percent for the upcoming academic year. This increase came as a shock to students, who paid a substantial amount as it was. Following the increase, they were forced to a pay a whopping $7500, which is approximately how much current students pay for parking.

10 years ago
November 18, 1996

A University Police officer responded to a complaint filed by a Donner resident. The student, residing on the third floor of the dorm, witnessed a projectile potato as it blasted through his window. Luckily, no one was harmed during the incident. Talk about one hot potato.

5 years ago
November 19, 2001

1989 College of Fine Arts alumnus Greggory Brandt toured with the U.S. troupe of Les Misérables. Few are as fortunate as Brandt to transfer from one version of Les Misérables (life at Carnegie Mellon) to another (the stage). Dommage!

1 year ago
November 21, 2005

Ahoy, mateys! (And by “mateys,” we mean “those who profit from letting others view their bodies in kinky intercourse.”) All the hopeful buccaneers jonesing to spot some pirate booty had to lift their eyepatches to view the advertisements, although certain spectators found ads for Pirates offensive. Shiver me timbers, Polly wants a porno!