Carnegie Mellon’s women’s soccer team wrapped up its season this week with a 4–2 win over Emory University. During the game, junior midfielder Amanda Rose set up an assist that gave sophomore Abby Coffin her second hat trick of the season. This was Rose’s eighth assist on the season, and her 24th as a Tartan, breaking the former school record of 23 career assists. This week, The Tartan met with Rose to discuss the team’s season, her success, and her new record.

Tartan: When did you start playing soccer? How did you get into the sport?
Rose: I started playing in first grade. Soccer was just getting really popular and all of my little friends were going to play and kept talking about it. So one day I kind of just went home and was like “Hey mom, I want to play soccer.” I really liked it and had fun and just stuck with it.

T: Did you always plan on playing in college?
R: Actually, yes. Most people aren’t always sure, but it was something I always knew I would want to do.

T: Have you always played midfield or have you switched positions a lot, especially since you started playing so young?
R: Well, when I first started playing, we were all really little, so it didn’t matter too much —they pretty much stuck you on the field somewhere. But then when you get older, they start to sort out which people are better suited for some positions, and I’m strongest at midfield so I’m happy to be there.

T: How do you manage Carnegie Mellon’s academic load and soccer?
R: I’m not going to lie, it can be pretty hard. Basically, you learn to manage your time really well, and I’m a junior now, so at this point I have the time thing pretty much down and it isn’t too bad.

T: What do you focus on during a game to stay competitive?
R: I try to really just focus on the game. Try and block out everything else and just focus on what’s going on and playing well.

T: Do you have any rituals or good luck charms for a game?
R: Obviously we all wear matching high socks, but under them, I always wear a little pair of pink ones — same socks, every game. I do wash them, though. I know some people go the season without washing things, but at least I wash them.

T: Any accomplishments you are particularly proud of?
R: I’m really excited about the assist record. I was kind of shooting for it, and I’m only a junior, so it was really great to get it now and still have a whole season ahead of me.

T: Do you have a most memorable game?
R: Absolutely: last year, at home, when we beat Chicago. They were ranked eighth in the country, so everyone expected us to lose, and we all just got really psyched up, went out and played really well, and had so much fun, and ended up beating them 2–0.

T: Do you have a favorite place to travel to?
R: Probably Chicago. I’m from Colorado, so it’s hard for my mom to make it to a lot of my games, but Chicago’s like a halfway point, so she always makes it to that one. It’s really nice to get to see her and hang out, but the city’s pretty fun too, I always have a good time there.