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Stem cells repair pancreas

A U.S. team from Tulane University has used stem cells from human bone marrow to repair defective pancreatic cells in mice. The cells are typically responsible for producing insulin, which regulates blood sugar.

The team treated diabetic mice who were suffering from high blood sugar. One group of mice was injected with the stem cells. The affected mice were shown to produce more mouse insulin after three weeks than mice who had not been injected.

Scientists hope the findings could be used to potentially treat diabetes in humans.

Source: BBC News

Survey says most dieters go it alone

A random phone survey of 3500 adults conducted from November 2005 to January 2006 found that 70 percent of dieters do so without the aid of a doctor. The survey also found that one-third use dietary supplements that have not been proven to work.

Only 30 percent of all who were surveyed said they would seek the assistance of a doctor when trying to lose weight.
The results suggest that doctors are not yet a prevalent factor in losing weight for most people.

Source: Associated Press

Surgeons reverse penis transplant

The Chinese surgeons who reportedly performed the world’s first penis transplant in 2005 have reversed the procedure. A report released by the doctors stated that the patient and his wife had suffered from a “severe psychological problem” after the initial procedure.

There were no signs that the patient’s body would reject the organ, but the patient’s wife reportedly experienced psychological rejection.

Source: MSNBC