Did you know?

100 years ago
November 14, 1905

The Tartan educated its readers on how best to use a slide rule. The article included instructions for multiplication, along with practice exercises for students interested in mastering the fine art of slide-ruling. Next week: the abacus.

50 years ago
November 13, 1956

An advertisement for the caffeine tablets NoDoz Awakeners was a highlight in the paper this week. A sketch depicted two students chatting with the subheading “Wilbur just woke up to the fact that he’s in class!” and warned against drowsy feelings cramping one’s style. Stay mod and take your NoDozes — experts say they’re as safe as cigarettes!

25 years ago
November 17, 1981

Carnegie Mellon landscapers planted trees in an effort to beautify campus. The greenery was thought to give a more comfortable feel to the previously sparse environment. Unfortunately, some of those trees are now being uprooted to make room for the Gates Center for Computer Science. The good Carnegie Mellon giveth, and the good Carnegie Mellon taketh away.

10 years ago
November 11, 1996

Pittsburgh held a film festival featuring the movie Chung King Express. Most viewers’ reactions were positive, although few seemed to get it. Such confusion is typical when it comes to viewing films from abroad. You know, like when you saw Ichi The Killer in McConomy last week?

5 years ago
November 12, 2001

A Tartan cartoonist expressed his rage towards The Original Hot Dog Shop by depicting an ‘O’ burger made of feces. Adjacent to the illustration was an ad for the ‘O.’ I guess that was the last time they advertised in The Tartan.

1 year ago
November 14, 2005

A staffwriter commented on Carnegie Mellon students’ desire to win what had been dubbed “The Suffering Game.” The game consisted of peers comparing and complaining about the amount of work in their respective majors. The rules are simple: whoever sleeps the least wins. I don’t know what the big deal about this article is, since I haven’t slept in 48 hours and obviously my major is harder than anyone else’s!