Homecoming 2006

Welcome back for Homecoming 2006. This year you are invited to “Rediscover Carnegie Mellon.” But for those who are quite familiar with this place, those of you who live nearby or have occasion to be here on a daily basis, we nevertheless invite you to read further.

We have compiled some of the best stories from each of the decade anniversaries, dating back to 1956. And we have a host of new content to explain and illuminate the events that make up this year’s Homecoming, as well as some other stories of alumni and student interest.

Though our football team is at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland this coming weekend, do not be afraid that this year’s Homecoming will offer little else of note. This issue is a guide to all students, alumni, and members of the community who want to explore what Carnegie Mellon has to offer during this four-day celebration of our university.