Homecoming highlight; events you won't want to miss

Campus tours, Buggy history, chili, and school spirit! What’s not to love? This weekend, Carnegie Mellon is honored to welcome back its alumni for another fun-filled and educational Homecoming weekend. With a multitude of events and activities, everyone will surely be able to keep busy and enjoy the festivities. It’s almost as good as Carnival! There are activities for everyone from students, to faculty, to alumni, to families.

Becoming reacquainted with your surroundings

All weekend, alumni and family can take specified walking tours of the campus, buildings, departments, or surrounding areas. One such tour, “Everything New Since You Were Here,” aims to point out all the new developments, innovations, and things that have changed since alumni attended Carnegie Mellon.


A major event is Carnegie Mellon’s long-standing tradition of recognizing contributions from not only alumni but also faculty and students. The Alumni Awards Ceremony honors outstanding individuals in two areas: service and achievement. The service award is given to alumni who have contributed greatly to Carnegie Mellon through alumni volunteer programs, chapter volunteer programs, and more. The achievement award is for those who have contributed to the world at large.
Kevin Wesley, the assistant vice-president for university advancement and deputy director of Alumni Relations, said that the achievement award is meant to “reflect the spectrum of human accomplishment.” This year, the Alumni Awards Ceremony will recognize a physicist, an inventor, an engineer, and a novelist, to name a few, and additionally two faculty members and two students who have given a great deal to the university.


Three centennials will be celebrated this year. The first is the centennial of the first class of the Margaret Morrison Carnegie College, which will include a tea party and the dedication of the Maggie Murph Café. The Department of Mechanical Engineering will also celebrate its centennial. There will be a panel discussion and a lunch from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, in the Singleton Room in Roberts Engineering Hall. Thirdly, The Tartan will celebrate its centennial with an open house in which visitors can come meet the staff and see the workings of the newspaper. In addition, a panel discussion, featuring the paper’s publisher, Bradford L. Yankiver, will take place from 2 to 3 p.m. in the Dowd Room in the University Center.
According to Wesley, the overall goal of Homecoming weekend is the interaction of the campus and its current students and alumni. “We very much want the campus community and alumni community to come together in a learning environment.
The panels we’ve put together showcase faculty, staff, students, and returning alumni from all corners of campus” he said. The Office of Alumni Relations worked diligently on making this ideal come true. This year, a 25-person undergraduate student staff was hired to be greeters, help with staff events, decorate rooms, and various other activities. This was all in the hopes of creating more student involvement, resulting in the students’ understanding of Carnegie Mellon history.

Of interest to all

Homecoming will be filled with learning on the part of students and alumni alike. Friday includes various open classes, giving alumni the chance to experience being a Carnegie Mellon student in 2006. Classes include architecture open studios, a class called Robotic Manipulation, and one called Spies & Assassins in 19th Century Europe, 1790–1910. In addition, students can attend lectures and workshops hosted by alumni. An intriguing one is definitely “What’s Happened in Buggy Since I Graduated,” in which active PiKA alumnus Tom Wood of the class of ’74 will talk about the changes in Buggy that he has witnessed over the last 30 years.
Aside from numerous alumni events, there are a ton of activities that students would also enjoy. On Thursday at 7 p.m. in Merson Courtyard, Mayur kicks things off with their Diwali-Eid: Festival of Light celebration, including a henna artist, an $8 buffet, and a diya-lighting ceremony. On Saturday, during the early morning hours of 6 to 9 a.m., spectators can watch Buggy freerolls on Tech and Frew Streets and Schenley Drive. At noon, the Third Annual Homecoming Chili Cookoff will take place in the West Wing Courtyard.
The campus community will celebrate its achievements past, present, and future once again this October weekend. As the age-old tradition of Homecoming continues, Carnegie Mellon will continue honor its alumni and advocate connections with students. And although this Homecoming will not feature a showcase by our undefeated football team due to scheduling conflicts, it will be enjoyable nonetheless.