Letter to the Editor

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In the October 2 edition of The Tartan, Patrick Pettibon asserted that we need more soldiers in Iraq, “an overwhelming occcupying force” to achieve “military victory” (“Peace and stability are the ultimate goals in Iraq”). We have already spent $500 billion and many thousands of our soldiers have been killed or wounded; yet the latest intelligence reveals the result of these efforts has actually increased the threat of terrorism.

Who are the enemies we are going to destroy with our military? Are they those in Iraq who want the United States to withdraw? That would mean destroying the majority of Iraqis. Or are our enemies the hundreds of millions of people around the world who hate the present American government because of its aggression and human rights abuses?

It should be obvious to any rational person that there is no military solution. Recognizing this, we should quickly remove our troops from Iraq.

Lincoln Wolfenstein
Carnegie Mellon University
Professor Emeritus of Physics